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Greetings and Thanks for visiting my website and store.

A little about me...

As a young fella in the mid 60's my dad would take me to work with him on Saturdays and I would watch through a welding helmet while he was being taught to weld by a very talented craftsman. I listened intently as he was being taught to watch the puddle and distinguish between the molten metal and the cooling flux to be sure that there were no slag inclusions. As time went on I begged to try to run a bead and finally I was allowed, I cannot remember if I was successful or not but from that moment on I was hooked on welding and knew that was my future.

I welded every chance I had and in my early teens my dad would bring home bulldozer idlers for me to build up with 7018 stick electrode. He showed me how to weave large diameter rods to build them up faster and I soon was quite proficient at welding. From there I attended vocational school my Jr & Sr years of high school and learned all of the welding and cutting processes available in the late 70's. As a Sr the last half of the year was spent with an employer and I chose an oilfield services company where I learned to weld pipe and various tooling used in fracking wells. After that I decided to serve my Country and spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. After returning home I returned to the welding profession and took a position with a company building horizontal earth boring machines and was the lead welder on the first ever large directional drilling machine. I then was asked to test weld for a company that built and repaired boilers and pressure vessels and enjoyed that until the owner pursued other ventures. I stumbled into self employment and was quite successful and kept myself busy repairing all manner of heavy equipment, sand and gravel equipment and mining equipment. I was contacted by an Engineer I had worked with years prior and asked to come work for his company building large diameter hard rock tunneling machines and even traveled to many of the jobsites and went underground to repair and perform maintenance on them. From there I decided to try to obtain a degree in Welding Engineering but as a father myself working full time in welding R&D I found calculus to be just too challenging. I was then encouraged to pursue sales as I have quite the gift of gab. This worked out very well for me and I spent 10 years with a welding and cutting manufacturer as a plasma specialist, then a welding specialist and then became a district manager covering numerous states throughout my tenure.

As luck would have it a buyout transpired and that was the end of that exciting 10 year run.

All of this has lead to where I am today, set up as a distributor of Sanrex welding equipment and creating ornamental iron which I was quite successful at while attending college. The wrought iron designs were and family endeavor with my wife cutting steel and coming up with new ideas. Many of my wrought iron items were purchased at flea markets and ended up in gardens far from Ohio.

And the fishing lures.....well that started as a very young boy with a love of water and anything that swam in it. I have never lost the passion for that and the only lures I sell are made by a friend who shares the love of fishing as much as I do. I first used his lures in 1986 and was hooked from the very first cast. There's just something about casting that bait out and working it slowly back to the boat or shore and knowing that there is a monster bass watching it. The beauty of his baits is that he himself uses everything he makes and if a new design does not catch fish it will not be sold.

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods stop by the shop and say hi.....except for April, I will be deep in the woods searching for Morel Mushrooms!!